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Here are a few videos that I have created to assist people with various electrosensitivities and needs.  Enjoy with peace, and build that resiliency!

Title and Time
Video Description
Dance.Along #1   1 segment
Weaving Together: A Loving Community and Energy Inspiring Moves! 
Desk Break 5.0
1 segment
Eureka Power demonstration of refreshing and re-balancing our body's energetic circuits...especially useful when you've been sitting in front of a computer screen or intensely concentrating, need a creative boost or just 'need a break'.  These movements are based on Donna Eden's Energy Medicine recommendations for vibrant and optimal health.
 Miracles.Abound 3-songs/segments
In Energy Medicine, the Aura is the frontline of a healthy system.  With all the challenges of increasing artificial electro-magnetic fields, fun and easy ways to boost the resilience of your own subtle electrics 'stack the deck' for your health.  The exercises might look funny at first, but the figure-8s and hand movements are major 'aura boosters.'  These techniques will clear, refine and strengthen your chi, your aura, and your energy pathways (meridians) while building resiliency.